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How We’ll Minimize Your Tax Bill

Timely, Accurate Compliance is the Starting Point

What’s the number one reason small business owners wind up paying thousands of dollars in avoidable penalties, fines, and interest? Failure to comply with state and federal filing requirements in an accurate and timely fashion. Every dollar wasted in this fashion is money you could be using to make your business grow! Working with our firm ensures that all of your state and federal tax filings are made on time, accurately prepared, and in accordance with state and federal tax law.

Make More Money Spending Your Time Doing the Work You Love

Nobody is more passionate about your business and your success than you are. Small business owners and entrepreneurs find satisfaction in doing the work that makes their business great – not mired down in complex, boring, and difficult paper work. Delegating your in-house accounting tasks and tax filings to our team frees you up to do what you do best – building your business! Being able to focus on activities that bring in customers and generate revenue is a much more profitable use of your time than attempting to do these administrative tasks yourself.

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Identify and Capitalize on Tax Savings Opportunities

Tax law is intricate, complex, and dynamic. Every year presents new and lucrative ways for small business owners to reduce their tax liability – yet few individuals (and not even every CPA firm!) are aware of all of the opportunities. Because our team focuses on helping small businesses save taxes, we make knowing all of the changes in tax law a top priority. Our comprehensive knowledge allows us to help your business identify and capitalize on tax savings opportunities you otherwise may have missed out on.

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Be Prepared For IRS and State Audits

Did you know that unincorporated businesses face an audit rate as much as three times higher than corporations? When you work with our firm, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your books are always ready for an audit – with no costly surprises, errors or omissions to be discovered! One simple mistake – even if made in good faith – can result in thousands of dollars in penalties and fines. Why put yourself at risk?

Sleep easy at night. Enjoy peace of mind. Be ready for your next audit.

Make The Most of Every Dollar Spent: Control Payroll Expenses

Handling accounting and tax filings in house is an important job. You can’t trust the financial health and security of your business to just anyone. That means you’ve got to hire a highly skilled professional – and highly skilled professionals command high salaries. Add to that benefits, payroll taxes, vacation time and all of the other affiliated expenses that comes with having an employee and you’re looking at a sizable investment. Choosing our team means your accounting work is done at the highest possible standard, for a fraction of the expense. Lowering payroll expenses means increased profitability for your business!

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Enjoy The Competitive Advantage Larger Companies Take For Granted

If you’re a small business owner, it’s no surprise to you that the competitive environment isn’t exactly fair. Your largest competitors have entire in house accounting departments that can identify and capitalize on every opportunity to minimize taxes, reduce operating expenses, and enhance organizational profitability. It’s logistically impossible for any individual accountant – or even a small department! – to match that type of performance. When you choose our team, you gain access to the collective wisdom and experience of an expert tax and accounting team focused exclusively on your business needs. This is the competitive advantage larger companies take for granted. It can be yours as well!

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